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Prescott Chiropractor Dr. Donald B. Schueller

Because we live in a drug/sickness oriented society, most people have a great difficulty accepting what chiropractic can and does accomplish for patients every day.

Based on numerous tests in a career compatibility class in high school, my career path was listed as: Machinist/welder/pipe fitter, Chiropractor, and Osteopath. In that order. I can’t make much of a connection there either except for, all involve manual dexterity.

The chiropractic and osteopath route afforded me the opportunity to play football for 2 more years. I thought why not, I like football, chemistry, sciences and biology. If nothing else I’ll get a good science background.

Then using the tools for learning college gave me I started seeing a failure with certain aspects of modern medical practices i.e. side effects , ineffective and/or harmful treatments, dangerous drugs and, the dogma regarding treatment (at the time) of musculoskeletal conditions was the biggest disconnect I saw. Chiropractic seemed far and away the more rational choice.

My Chiropractic Journey

I attended Lakewood Community College for my undergraduate degree and applied and Northwestern College of Chiropractic. The amount of science required was both demanding and looking back very rewarding as it gave a very solid base for my further chiropractic education. The most challenging class was Anatomy. I studied continuously to learn it. I have since found, that to treat patients effectively, I use it everyday.

My Practice Philosophy

My goal as a chiropractor is to allow the body to heal itself as best it can without drugs. By treating you with an eye to how your body should move and function at its optimal state, chiropractic works to restore it to that state. My job as a health care provider is to focus on what is needed by the patient each and every time I see them, all other concerns or distractions get left outside that treatment room. Balance in all aspects of your life is also critical to your well being. An old wife’s saying sums it up best,” all things in moderation”.


I met my wife in 1986. We have 3 children 14,11, and 2 years of age. As a family we engage in a range of activities from a brisk walk to, camping, hiking, reading, games and family movie/game nights.Away from the practice I do a lot of unrelated activities, woodwork, metalwork, many outdoor activities, motorcycling, rebuild motorcycles, paint autos and motorcycles, workout, weight training, hunting, Insofar as what activity causes time to speed past, besides time with a patient it can be any of the things listed (wood/metal/body/paint work)that requires intense focus. Many times my wife will interrupt me and ask if I even know what time it is, and “suggests” that maybe I should take a break. I am highly grateful to her for without her nudge I may not eat or drink for extended periods.

My community involvement is usually limited to the occasional helping out at a sporting or school event for the kids or donating to worthy causes as I tend to be introverted (or what in our drug oriented society is now called social anxiety disorder, wow, now there’s a pill for that too).

I am extremely sports oriented.

I work out 3x’s a week with alternate activities on the other days. Our diets are more whole foods based vs the standard American diet. To guide food choices I use this criteria, if you can’t pronounce it, or you need an organic chemistry degree to do so, it shouldn’t be going in your mouth. Kind of harsh but it gets the point across more than preaching to people. I do not believe in the efficacy of so called routine vaccinations especially for children, especially with the numerous studies that show that any protection is not permanent. Whereas if a child acquires one of the historically “Normal Childhood” diseases, their risk of serious complications or death are almost nil if they have good physical hygiene and, they are fully immune for life. My children have had in total 1 course of antibiotics (which did not work). Since 1998 we have used only chiropractic, nutrition and good physical hygiene, to enhance their immunologic response. Pain relievers do have a place but not as a daily or even weekly part of your health regimen. You are better off getting to the root of the problem than to cover it up with a drug. This last sentence requires sometimes brutal honesty with yourself, and as I get further into the chiropractic lifestyle I observe that it seems to be practiced less and less in society as a whole.

Thank you for visiting our website, remember every time you are treated it should be the best I can possibly give, it may be different than the time before or the next time but it will be what is needed on that day, you deserve nothing less.

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