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Your Second Visit to Our Prescott Practice

Report of findings

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

When you are ready to learn about your case, we will discuss our findings and recommendations for you. We will discuss what your options for care are and give you the opportunity to take control of your health. Remember, you are the boss and all decisions are up to you. If you are ready, we can begin your can now. You will give you a short tour of our office and show you what a chiropractic adjusting tables can do and what features we have in our office.

I will give you your first spinal adjustment, taking about 5 minutes. Depending on your case, we may send you up to therapy, an area in the front of the office that has our therapy machines. Depending on your needs, therapy may speed up your recovery and allow the adjustments to hold better, giving you the fastest recovery possible. Please allow approximately 30-40 minutes for today. When this visit is over, we will assist you in scheduling your followup visits. In order to speed up your time, we may use a calendar to put your visits on and create your best time to visit our office, then you will not need to make individual times and slow you down.

To view what the Third Visit looks like at Schueller Chiropractic Clinic, please click here.

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